7 best email marketing services of 2021 (compared)

7 best email marketing services of 2021 (compared)

Are you finally ready to start your email list? but you’re not sure which program to go with, don’t worry!

Today  I am gonna show you the 7 best email marketing services of 2021 (compared) to build your email list.

Whether you are a small business owner, blogger, or influencer building an email list is essential today so that you can send out follow-ups, and build your audience.  

7 best email marketing services of 2021

Constant Contact is one of the largest and fastest-growing email marketing services in the world and I believe it’s also the most beginner-friendly for small businesses.

you get to create your email list it comes with tons of email templates so you can customize your newsletter. it has the autoresponders and marketing automation features built-in.

I’ve been following constant contact for quite some time because they’re one of the oldest in the market is that they’ve been innovating, 

 they’re adding social media sharing tools a large image library you can even integrate it with your Facebook ads connect with your e-commerce sites whether it’s Shopify or Woo Commerce.

 so overall it is a very powerful email newsletter platform you can have drip campaigns, surveys, polls, coupons discounts, 

whatever you name  it can do it what makes constant contact stand out in my eyes for small businesses and non-profits is their customer support they are absolutely one of the best ones that support you know you get live chat you get phone calls email community support,

 and a vast library of resources on their website most email marketing companies do not give you phone support and whereas constant contact that’ s available for every one. 

so it’s that’s why i rated one of the best in the market for small businesses who are just getting started.

SendinBlue is a complete SMS text messaging and email marketing software for businesses. 

they’re one of the fastest-growing in Europe their platform is extremely easy to use with excellent tools to create beautiful and highly engaging emails it’s also a simple drag and drop builder, 

and so if you’re new to email marketing then this will work well for you they include beginner-friendly marketing automation tools that let you send a lot of transactional emails.

 you can create automatic workflows for your follow-up emails and you can also segment the users which are perfect. 

you can also select the best time to send out bulk emails with your algorithm so the best time for the user to receive the email and that helps as well. 

they have a premium plan that recently includes more advanced features like landing page builder, live chat,  CRM, Facebook ads and so much more they also offer a separate SMTP bulk email marketing service.

so a lot of words to say that you can power automate your transactional emails from your WordPress site and you don’t need to use this email marketing campaign,

but it’s nice to have the feature if you have a large website you want to automate real-time content-based emails then this will work well for you.

Drip is a powerful enterprise email marketing platform not only for e-commerce but also for bloggers and digital marketers.

 we use drip on many of our websites because it lets us create advanced sales funnels make personalization super easy and add tons of marketing automation features.

it integrates with all website builders like WordPress and you know seamless integration with WooCommerce and other powerful lead capture services like OptinMonster, 

integrates seamlessly with drip what sets them apart from competition like constant contact or campaign monitor. 

is their intelligent marketing-automation tool so you can go very granular set up groups and tags and make funnels workflows all using a visual interface so you can reach the targeted customers to get the most sales value out of the customer. 

we’ve been using drip for quite some time it is a little bit pricey that’s why I said you know the word enterprise it’s quite a bit more expensive than constant contact and Sendinblue. 

from a support point of view their support is not as good in our experience it is a little bit slower but from the functionality point of view it is one of the better ones in the market.

This is a really robust email marketing platform it’s really designed for creatives or professional bloggers authors and marketers. 

it’s really easy to use and incredibly powerful for who they’re targeting and their unique features allow you to easily offer content upgrades on your site incentives with email sign up forms also comes with the easy manage autoresponder,

 so you can send drip emails from their email service and then with constant contact you can segment your subscribers,

 so that they’re only getting things that they’re interested in and things that they’ve already purchased this helps you increase conversion with automated emails,

 that feel more personal and in marketing terms this is called targeted email marketing they offer email-based support and they have extensive knowledge base with great learning materials, 

so you can get started with their with that and a lot of the features are specifically designed as i said for the creators professional bloggers and that’s why we rate them one of the best email marketing services for professional bloggers.

it is one of the older email marketing platforms out there. they offer a wide range of tools for small and medium-sized businesses to manage the email marketing. 

the autoresponders as any legacy platform they’ve had to over face quite a bit of challenge from the newcomers, 

like the convert kits of the world and drip of the world but  Aweber has been stepping up the innovation game adding some powerful segmentation 

and  targeting features in there all of their you know plans come with detail insights, testing autoresponders and so on they even recently introduced a free trial offer too it comes with good support. 

they’ve been around for a long time that’s you know their support infrastructure deliverability infrastructure it’s rock-solid  it’s a great option if you’re looking for a competitor to one of the ones that we mentioned about

it is another very popular email marketing solution. it’s extremely easy to use and it simplifies email marketing for small businesses. 

it comes with some pretty cool marketing automation tools which let you create smart automated campaigns they have a drag and drop builder. 

you can create campaigns segment your contacts and send any type of email that you want that’s designed for a specific group. 

it also integrates with much third-party lead generation software like OptinMonster, salesforce, google docs, zen desk and a few others they have good support it’s provided by phone to live chat and email.

you can’t go make a list about email marketing services and not mention MailChimp they’ve gotten really popular over the years.

because they have a forever free email marketing plan. MailChimp comes with a drag and drop email builder the autoresponder segment and contact the groups and tracking. 

you don’t get a lot of those powerful features like autoresponders and such and unless you upgrade so their free plan is a lead magnet to get you in and then you have to upgrade to be able to use some of their more advanced features. 

it integrates with just about every platform out there whether it’s WordPress, Shopify app and monster, etc. 

when it comes to marketing automation features MailChimp is quite limited  when you compare to providers like drip or convert kit that’s why a lot of folks who they outgrow what you can start with MailChimp, 

but you will outgrow it and you want to move to something more advanced like a drip or convert kit in the recent years they have been adding more quote advanced features and we’ve tested a lot of them. 

they are no real match to the advanced providers out there. 

support wise Mailchimp is okay you know there is a provide support one mail and live chat but you have to be in the pro-level support user, to be able to get good support. 

what makes them stand out is the intro offer is the free plan that you can use for up to 2000 subscribers but so like I said you can’t make a video about email marketing service and not mention MailChimp, 

but if I was starting I would choose one of the providers above before for this one.

Conclusion: SO that’s what, just a few email platforms are there in the whole space of the email marketing service industry. 

If you would ask me which one I recommend that I use? 

If you are just starting it depends on what your purpose is? If you are planning of doing a business or affiliate marketing then consider using either Aweber or GetResponce.  

If you are not planning of doing affiliate marketing then consider using MailChimp, just because it is free for up to 2000 subscribers.

So that’s all for this article you find it helpful then share it & tweet it.


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