100+ Best Food Blog Name Ideas Of 2021

100+ Best Food Blog Name Ideas Of 2021

Maybe one of the hardest things to accomplish when beginning a food blog is thinking of a name.

Well, your food blog name will become your brand, therefore you should do everything in your ability to make it sound snappy, delicious, and memorable. 

But, with so many blogs and names to choose from, how can one be original? How can one come up with a unique name that isn’t currently in use by someone else? 

Don’t worry, we’re here to assist you. We’ll start by giving you some tips on how to come up with a name, and then we’ll show you 100+-best-food-blog-name-ideas-of-2021

You’ll need some pretty outstanding food photographs to go along with your wonderful food blog titles. So, keep reading to learn how to come up with unique names for your food blog.

#1. General food blog name ideas

If you plan to write about all types of food on your blog, you’ll need a more generic name.

However, this does not mean that the blog’s name should be simple or uninteresting. Instead, choose something fascinating that will draw readers to your site and encourage them to share it. A catchy blog name will get you noticed. As an example, consider the following:

  1. Food Magma
  2. Meal Harmonious
  3. Fooddo
  4. Foodzoid
  5. Food Hut
  6. Food Gala
  7. Food Nouveau
  8. Food Fodder
  9. Foodology
  10. Food Wagon
  11. Food Wish
  12. Food Hideaway
  13. Food Service
  14. Food Classics
  15. Meal Sharp
  16. Food Stand
  17. Feed Halo
  18. Food Treehouse
  19. Foodaza
  20. Feed Assist
  21. Foodoont
  22. Food Forage
  23. Food Joyous
  24. Foodora

#2. Healthy food blog name ideas

Fortunately, consumers have begun to embrace healthier food in recent years. You may also find many healthy food blogs and meal ideas on the internet.

That is both positive and negative. It’s fantastic since it means that people are interested in these kinds of blogs and that yours is likely to be popular. 

However, it is not ideal because there is a lot of competition and it will be difficult to come up with a unique name.

It is, however, nothing to be concerned about. Consider some of your favorite healthy dishes or ingredients.

Consider all of the fruits, vegetables, and spices you used to prepare them. Again, try mixing and matching all the words that come to mind, and naming your food blog will be as simple as those nutritious recipes. 

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Food Dine
  2. Feed Stone
  3. Healthyistic
  4. Healthydo
  5. Food Ranch
  6. Healthy Cave
  7. Food Nibble
  8. Food Cantina
  9. Healthy Slice
  10. Meal Concept
  11. Food Diced
  12. Food Munchies
  13. Food Lucha
  14. Healthy Midnight
  15. Healthywind
  16. Healthy Fury
  17. Food Brew
  18. Healthy Wish
  19. Food Bit
  20. Foodbia
  21. Healthylance
  22. Healthy Lane
  23. Meal Maniac
  24. Food Nouveau

#3. Vegan food blog Name ideas

Most individuals also like to highlight vegan food while discussing healthy food. People used to think that eating vegan was not interesting.

However, today, thanks to all of the blogs that can be found on the internet, many have begun to reconsider their thoughts. So, we may appreciate those healthy vegan blogs for motivating us to eat clean and nutritious meals.

These blogs, on the other hand, would not draw our interest if their names were not interesting and inviting. Once again, you’ll need to be incredibly creative when naming your vegan food blog, which will house all of your vegan delights.

Some examples are as follows:

  1. Food Boy
  2. Vegan Fresh
  3. Veganify
  4. Vegan Uptown
  5. Foodlaza
  6. Vegan Treehouse
  7. Food Sizzle
  8. Vegan Cantina
  9. Food Bay
  10. Food Aladdin
  11. Foodology
  12. Food Service
  13. Vegan Fiesta
  14. Veganegy
  15. Vegan Aroma
  16. Vegan Street
  17. Veganbes
  18. Food You
  19. Veganlux
  20. Food Crave
  21. Food Fix
  22. Food Bite
  23. Food Hideaway
  24. Veganomatic

#4. Meat/Non-veg food blog name ideas    

If you have specialization in cooking non-veg. you can share your knowledge about how to cut meat properly, the best way to cook nonveg, how to wash meat, etc.

Here are some examples of meat/nonveg food blog names: –                                      

  1. Food Crisp
  2. Meattastic
  3. Meat Nouveau
  4. Meat Chop
  5. Meat Lord
  6. Meat Smash
  7. Meatzen
  8. Meat Binge
  9. Meat Fix
  10. Foodable
  11. Food Garnish
  12. Food Juicy
  13. Meatque
  14. Meat Alluring
  15. Meat Havana
  16. Meat Crave
  17. Food Superior
  18. Food Grub
  19. Foodaholic
  20. Meat Smoke
  21. Food Bay
  22. Nonveg Chef
  23. Nonvegpad
  24. Foodprism
  25. Foodooze
  26. Food Devine
  27. Nonvegque
  28. Foodlux
  29. Nonveg Crisp
  30. Foodegy
  31. Nonvegry
  32. Nonveg Crumb
  33. Nonveg Whole
  34. Nonvegara
  35. Nonveg Hideout
  36. Nonveg Tasteful
  37. Food Sizzle
  38. Nonveg Crave
  39. Nonvegium
  40. Nonvegfluent  

#5. Chocolate blog name ideas

Chocolate is one of the most loved desserts. You can write about features of chocolates, recipes, news topics, benefits, harms, and many more about chocolates in your blog.

Here are some name ideas for your blog: –

  1. Chocolatex
  2. Chocolate Grove
  3. Chocolate Takeout
  4. Chocolate Served
  5. Chocolate Sizzle
  6. Chocolate Wrap
  7. Chocolate Traditional
  8. Chocolate Basket
  9. Chocolate Fresh
  10. Chocolate Smoke
  11. Chocolatecog
  12. Chocolateoryx
  13. Chocolate Dude
  14. Chocolateorzo
  15. Chocolate Bang
  16. Chocolate Magma
  17. Chocolate Wave
  18. Chocolate Sumo
  19. Chocolate Hideaway
  20. Chocolate Fury
  21. Chocolatelytical
  22. Chocolate Feast
  23. Chocolate Crave
  24. Chocolate Place

#6. Dessert food blog names

After all, who doesn’t enjoy desserts? Yes, we all do! Of course, eating it every day is bad for our bodies, but eating it once in a while isn’t going to hurt us.

Desserts come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Candy, pastries, ice cream, delicious chocolate, and who knows what else are available. Furthermore, these deserts can be vegan, raw, organic, or traditional calories.

Certainly, there is something to suit everyone’s preferences. And, whether it’s massive, complicated 5-layer cakes for special occasions or simple dessert dips for every day, they’ll never go out of trend. Again, there are millions of dessert food blogs on the internet, so be smart while naming your blog.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Dessertbes
  2. Dessert You
  3. Dessert Crisp
  4. Dessertnetic
  5. Dessertado
  6. Dessert Safety
  7. Dessert Basket
  8. Dessert Story
  9. Dessert Tasty
  10. Dessert Feed
  11. Dessertdeck
  12. Dessert Cut
  13. Dessertworks
  14. Dessertoryx
  15. Dessertify
  16. Dessertsio
  17. Dessert Chopped
  18. Dessert Piece
  19. Dessert Captain
  20. Dessert Cantina
  21. Dessert Sumo
  22. Dessert Dine
  23. Dessert Local
  24. Dessert Hideout

Conclusion: –

Gone are the days when you could just add the word “chef” or “cook” to your name and have a blog or a cookbook.

People are looking for something different, something that will set them apart. So pick a name for your food blog that is both fascinating and interesting.

However, you must make your blog name original not just to make it stand out, but also to protect yourself from any lawsuits.

You may accomplish this by just searching the name you want and seeing whether it shows on any websites or social media. If it doesn’t, wonderful; all that’s left to do now is register your domain name and begin posting.

Best of luck! I wish you great foodie success!


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